Today marks the release of Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 8! It is touted to be Windows 7 but better. It features the rock solid foundation of Windows 7 with major improvements throughout. It works with most existing hardware that runs Windows 7 and Vista so upgrades are easy.

A personalized start screen, cloud syncing, app store integration and a redesigned touch interface are just a few of Windows 8's enhancements.

Mike Ledbetter

With the introduction of Internet Explorer pending on Octiber 26th of this month, Google has announced that support for versions of IE before version 9 will cease on November 15, 2012.

If you use Google Apps, even something as simple as Picassa photo library, and you are running Windows XP, this is an urgent situation that you need to address.

Windows XP does not allow installation or support of Internet Explorer beyond version 8, so on November 15, your Google apps will no longer work in Windows XP.

Mike Ledbetter

Microsoft is releasing their new operating system Windows 8 in October 2012.  With the release, many consumers believe they will no longer be able to purchase Windows 7.  That is untrue!  Microsoft has announced retailers will be able to sell boxed versions of Windows 7 until October  2013.  OEM's will be able to sell preloaded computers with Windows 7 until October 2014.  Microsoft also announced support cutoff dates for Windows 7: 

1.  Mainstream support will cease January 2015 

Scott Guelig

This year, attacks on websites are at an all-time high.  The amount of personal identity attacks are up by 200 percent over 2010. That is 12 million pieces of personal information.  I talk about this quite frequently, but changing your password on a regular basis is a good way to protect yourself from these attacks. Most people do not change their passwords due to having to remember different passwords. They also use the same password for multiple sites which is also a bad idea. There are programs on the market that help with this and my favorite is RoboForm.

Phillip Judd

During slow times, it is a good idea to do maintenance on all computers and document problem areas. While doing maintenance routines you should note computers that need upgrades or replacement, software that is out of date should be marked for upgrade for security reasons, as this is usually how computers get infected with malware. Battery Backups (UPS units) should be tested, and batteries or complete units replaced as needed. This can be an ongoing process for all computer systems, servers, and accessories.

Phillip Judd
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