Technology Unlimited would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. We will be closed Wednesday in observance and returning on the 5th.

Thank a soldier or veteran for the freedom we all enjoy, and have a safe holiday!

Mike Ledbetter

In a press meeting last Monday, Microsoft announced that they will release two new tablet products to compete directly with Apple's popular iPad. One tablet will be an Intel Core-based unit called Surface for Windows 8 Pro that’s set for availability along with Windows 8 this Fall, The other is an ARM-based device named Surface for Windows RT, which would come about 90 days later.

Mike Ledbetter

Google has been working on a safe browsing initiative for about 5 years. They have built in plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. They have released some data on the initiative.

Google Claimes to find about 9500 new malicious  websites every day.

They Show a warning on there search engine for 12 to 14 million Goolge Searches per day.

They Show malware warnings fro about 300 thousand downlads per day.

They send thousands of notifications daily to webmasters as well as ISPs to help clean up issues.


Phillip Judd

As users become more and more dependent on the internet to help them locate products, services, maps, and reviews to help them decide where to buy, social media is surging forward as a way to promote your business.

Mike Ledbetter

There are lots of ways to keep your network running smoothly and keep downtime to a minimum. The most import thing is documentation. Properly documenting your network and updating as it changes is vital if anything goes wrong. ISP settings, router and switch setups, as well as computer setups should be documented in case of anything that might need to be done on your network. This could be as simple as setting up a new user to setting up a new server from scratch that has been destroyed by fire or flood.

Phillip Judd
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