I just wanted to make a couple of quick points in regard to the new Apple machines that were released on Monday and also point out something to be wary of in regard to new software that's being released alongside them.


This is the time of year when the storms keep rolling in. If you have not done so yet, now is a good time to test your UPS and verify proper operation. Devices that are not setup with a UPS should be plugged into a good surge protector. It is also a good time to verify operation of backups and even do a test restore to verify your backups are not only operating, but also backups are working properly when you need to restore.

Phillip Judd

Once again, a major online company has been hacked and had user passwords stolen. Today LinkedIn is reporting that their servers were compromised and nearly 6.5 million passwords downloaded. These attacks are becoming more and more common as time goes on, with sites like Zappos, Dreamhost, and Steam all reporting password theft in 2012. Unfortunately in this day and age just having a solid and well considered password isn't enough to keep your information secure.


It's festival time again in OKC. The deadCenter Film Festival kicks off on this Wednesday night, June 6, 2012, and runs through Sunday. Technology Unlimited and will be there as usual...well sort of. This year the festival was not doing the event tables at the Museum of Art so we will be making appearances at all of the major parties and most other events, plus attending many of the films and venues.

Mike Ledbetter
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