Quarterly Security Assessment Scans of Your Network

How secure is your network and the devices on it? Don't guess, Technology Unlimited now offers quarterly vulnerability scans to detect and report potential threats to your data.

Vulnerability scanning utilizes technology that seeks out security flaws and tests systems for weak points. These scanning systems generate a report of the findings so that your business can use the information to tighten its network's security.

TechAssure Cloud Backup

Technology Unlimited announces TechAssure Cloud Backup Services for your desktop computers, laptops and servers! As a part of our Managed Services we have added this cost effective solution to assure offsite backup via your internet connection of crucial personal and coorporate data.

Contact us for a free demonstration and evaluation trial membership today at (405) 773-6037 or


There are lots of ways to keep your network running smoothly and keep downtime to a minimum. The most import thing is documentation. Properly documenting your network and updating as it changes is vital if anything goes wrong. ISP settings, router and switch setups, as well as computer setups should be documented in case of anything that might need to be done on your network. This could be as simple as setting up a new user to setting up a new server from scratch that has been destroyed by fire or flood.

Regarding Data Backup

At Technology Unlimited we work continuously with our clients to protect your investment in yopur business, and to keep your data assets safe and secure. Data backup is a significant part of this solution, and keeping a good working backup and off site set of data is key to data secutiry.


Technology Unlimited is pleased to announce our latest reseller partnership, Barracuda Networks! Makers of state of the art Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus firewalls, VPN Security Routers, and their latest and most phenominal product, CudaTel, a VOIP phone system that's feature rich and yet charges no license fees!

Dell Service

Technology Unlimited became a Dell Preferred Partner in record time early this year by certifying on Server, Network and other aspects of Dell Products. Recently we became a Dell Authorized Service Provider for their entire line of products. We are now not only able to sell all Dell Computers, Printers, etc., but we can also service what we sell and even equipment purchased direct from Dell and from other Dell Resellers!

Choosing IT Support for Your Company

IT support is critical to keeping your business running smoothly, and in keeping costs low. But how do you choose an IT support company to help you with your day to day needs?

Many companies either handle their own IT services or outsource to an IT firm like Technology Unlimited. When the time comes to find an IT support firm for your company you should consider a few important aspects of the providers you are researching to do the job.


VPN routers are the best, most efficient way to connect back to your office network. 

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