Network Security

Quarterly Security Assessment Scans of Your Network

How secure is your network and the devices on it? Don't guess, Technology Unlimited now offers quarterly vulnerability scans to detect and report potential threats to your data.

Vulnerability scanning utilizes technology that seeks out security flaws and tests systems for weak points. These scanning systems generate a report of the findings so that your business can use the information to tighten its network's security.

Important Cyber Security Tips

Many of our clients ask use why their anti-virus program isn't stopping attacks on their computers, and how they can keep their computers and network safe from hackers, data thieves, and security breaches in general. The fact is, there is no one way to protect your systems from these intruders. As technology has evolved, so has the expertise and determination of hackers. In fact, in many cases we are now facing outright cyber terrorism.

Unified Threat Management

Recently I've had the opportunity to install two Netgear UTM50s for clients. Both of them had fairly unique situations, and had different requirements. The UTM50 was versatile enough to handle both of their situations.

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