Quarterly Security Assessment Scans of Your Network

How secure is your network and the devices on it? Don't guess, Technology Unlimited now offers quarterly vulnerability scans to detect and report potential threats to your data.

Vulnerability scanning utilizes technology that seeks out security flaws and tests systems for weak points. These scanning systems generate a report of the findings so that your business can use the information to tighten its network's security.

Important Cyber Security Tips

Many of our clients ask use why their anti-virus program isn't stopping attacks on their computers, and how they can keep their computers and network safe from hackers, data thieves, and security breaches in general. The fact is, there is no one way to protect your systems from these intruders. As technology has evolved, so has the expertise and determination of hackers. In fact, in many cases we are now facing outright cyber terrorism.

Password Security

This year, attacks on websites are at an all-time high.  The amount of personal identity attacks are up by 200 percent over 2010. That is 12 million pieces of personal information.  I talk about this quite frequently, but changing your password on a regular basis is a good way to protect yourself from these attacks. Most people do not change their passwords due to having to remember different passwords. They also use the same password for multiple sites which is also a bad idea. There are programs on the market that help with this and my favorite is RoboForm.

Password Security and Data Breaches

Once again, a major online company has been hacked and had user passwords stolen. Today LinkedIn is reporting that their servers were compromised and nearly 6.5 million passwords downloaded. These attacks are becoming more and more common as time goes on, with sites like Zappos, Dreamhost, and Steam all reporting password theft in 2012. Unfortunately in this day and age just having a solid and well considered password isn't enough to keep your information secure.

Roboform Explained!

In a earlier blog "Passwords In Everday Life" the importance of passwords was explained. A program mentioned for assisting you in keeping secure passwords was Roboform

Passwords In Everyday Life

In an age where we all visit many web sites and use a multitude of devices that require a PIN number or password in order to confirm our identity and allow us access, it has become increasingly important to use good password policies. Simply putting in your dogs name, or password1 is not a solution. You may as well leave the front door of your home open with a sign in the front yard stating "I am away right now, feel free to come in and take what you want". It may sound funny, buy it is literally that serious.

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