Web Hosting/Design & Databases Programming

Technology Unlimited offers programming and database development for the following platforms:

FileMaker Pro

With over 30 years of expertise in FileMaker programming, Technology Unlimited can help you develop and deploy FileMaker databases in your office, or to the web.


We're not new to this business, we can develop almost any workflow solution, web search to ecommerce solution or custom tailored CRM (customer relationship manager). Our staff has worked with FileMaker since day one, and fully relational databases with style and ergonomic feel are our specialty.



Web Design and Hosting

Technology Unlimited is partnered with  major developers in both WordPress and of Drupal content managed web solutions.

WordPress and Drupal are open source platforms which are fully portable. Why develop a web site in a proprietary CMS system like WIX, which can hold you hostage to their hosting, when you can develop it once and deploy it virtually anywhere.

If you are tired of paying for redevelopment of your web site, and the constant need to pay for site information updates, give us a call for a free demonstration of how you can create a great looking, easy to manage site. We'll even host it for you with our affordable and reliable Web Hosting Plans!